My Life As A Sports Hero

Author’s note: This is the potential second chapter of a book I’m working on. Comments are welcome! Around 1953, when I was about ten years old, I was told that I was nearsighted, and had to wear glasses.  I was devastated.  It wasn’t that I had any doubts about the diagnosis.  Quite the contrary.  Once […]

More on Structured Procrastination and the like

Six Tips To Get Yourself Going

Procrastinators get a bad rap.  Go through world history.  Take away all the essays, works of art, inventions, and the like that people came up with while they were supposed to be doing something else.  Wouldn’t be much left, I predict.  We procrastinators are the engines of progress, the founts of creativity, who have made […]

Miscellaneous Complaints

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is a wonderful program.  Its main function seems to be to sense when you are deeply involved in writing something you haven’t yet saved, and interrupting you with a notice that it is time to update Adobe Reader.  In the old days, this would mean that you had to stop and either update […]