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Structured Procrastination, Translated!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with translating! Here’s to spreading unproductivity.

  1. Spanish Translation of Structured Procrastination thanks to Fernando Cajiao.
  2. Russian Translation of Structured Procrastination Essay and Procrastination and Perfectionism, both by Stanislav Tsaplev.
  3. Belorussian Translation of Structured Procrastination, thanks to Galina Mikslosic.

Structured Procrastination, Reviewed, Awarded, and Contemplated.

  1. Structured Procrastination at Psychology Today, yet another blog by John Perry.
  2. A short history of John Perry as published in The Stanford Daily.
  3. The NYT explores the structured procrastination phenomenon. Bonus: Has a survey to tell you how badly you procrastinate.
  4. 9 Reasons To Procrastinate (Huffington Post), by John Perry.
  5. How to Be a Better Procrastinator (WSJ), by John Perry.
  6. John Perry wins the Ig Nobel Prize for his article on Structured Procrastination.
  7. Article in the Chronicle with John Perry’s reaction to said Ig Noble Prize.
  8. 6 Reasons to Embrace Procrastination, featuring yours truly.
  9. We’re reviewed in The Firefly, because someone wanted to encourage leaders and educators to procrastinate!
  10. Structured Procrastination in the WSJ: We’ve hit the bigtime now!
  11. Structured Procrastination in Psychology Today by Timothy Pychyl.
  12. Structured Procrastination in The Gazz courtesy of Karin Fuller.
  13. Chips off the Old Benchley by Robert Benchley.
  14. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Procrastination, a short film by Miranda July
  15. 10 Ways to Make Laziness Work for You by Leo Babauta.
  16. Structured Procrastination in lesswrong, wherein they refer to us as “ancient”.

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